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An overnight conversion increase,

Offering a bigger inventory online means a higher turnover. Not only through offering a wider assortment but also by virtually always having all size and product ranges complete. All within the same short delivery time. Expect a growth of 45% up to even 85% more digital turnover by just having more width and depth in your inventory.


Online conversion increase

Less operational expenses at the DCs,

Your distribution centre will experience far less peak workloads. By capitalising the downtime staff hours for order fulfilments you will save on DC costs. The return flow to the DC is also minimised. Expect the overall operational expenses on your digital turnover to be around 18% to 24% depending on your branche.


OPEX on digital channels

Less markdowns at the end of the season,

Use all available information to define where to leave specific products and from where to send products. Make sure that returns are complementary to the local inventory at stores while cleaning broken size and product ranges. Add complementary products to a store-to-store order to have them at another store within 24 hours. These products normally get replenished through the DC at the end of the season. On average our ship-from-store modules have saved 18% on replenishment costs by optimising product flows.
Less markdowns will improve your margins

Less costs for handling returns,

Traditionally returns are either returned to the DC by postal service or physically returned to the stores. More often than not this results in high handling expenses. The Retail Unity engine changes this by prioritising misplaced returns for ship-from-store fulfilment and by giving the consumer a label for postal returns based on replenishment needs. Expect far less returns in your DC and far less distribution costs to replenish misplaced returns. Stores will even benefit from the returns as it complements their assortments.
Returns seen as replenishment lowers your costs

Less cash refunds when handling returns,

Depending on the local inventory at your stores you are not always able to replace a return with an alternative product. However, the in-store sales kiosks will give you the entire inventory to choose from. You can replace the return by shipping an alternative from another location. When a customer returns a product a store can quickly replace the product through the kiosk, thus minimising the workload and queue at the POS.


Avg. refunds replaced for alternative products

A higher conversion rate at the stores

Never having to sell ‘no’ again. Retail Unity leaves no product out of reach no matter how big or small your local inventory is. The in-store sales kiosk provides the ideal alternative if a product is not at hand. The kiosk also doubles as a sales tool which empowers the employees to show videos and detailed product specifications. Expect an additional 4% to 8% more turnover at the stores just by selling less ‘NO’ to your customers.


Additional sales though in-store kiosks

Saving on replenishment costs,

When the end of a season approaches we use markdowns to sell our broken size and product ranges because we want to prevent sending these products to the DC to consolidate them and store them until the next season. The Retail Unity Omnichannel Suite will avoid these costs and will improve your margins.
Less markdowns, higher margins

New buying / merchandise intelligence,

The Retail Unity Omnichannel suite generates business intelligence that enables merchandise and buying to better define the local assortments at your stores. The best sale is still a direct sale in your stores. You get more out of your merchandise and buying budget.
Better intel and optimisations during the season.
* These numbers are the actual results at our clients. Either experienced in their day-to-day operations, or proven during a Proof of Concept. Numbers may differ for your organisation, branche, store count and geographic location. Contact us for a Proof of Concept to see how these numbers would end up for your Retail organisation.

Ask for a Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept will tell you exactly how these numbers add up for your Retail organisation.


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